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    As part of the Company/Team section I plan to include the scientific advisory board members (in addition to myself). As that are not employees or at a subaward organization, I understand that I do not need to include a biosketch for them — is this correct? However, here I will also note the use of consultants, for whom I will include a biosketch.



    Biosketches only need to be included for Key Personnel at the Small Business that will be doing work on the grant, as well as consultants that will do work for the grant, and for Key Personnel on any subaward or subcontract you might have. Biosketches are not needed for “Other Personnel”, or for anyone who is not working on the grant (as indicated by the budget sheet).

    Within the company and team section, the main focus should be on the individuals that will actively be working on the R&D described within the proposal, what tasks or objectives they will be responsible for, and why they are the right person for the task (this provides some overlap with the biosketches for these individuals as well).

    If you have space, you can include scientific advisory board members but clearly note their involvement (if any) in the R&D. However, a more appropriate place for describing the scientific advisory board would be within the “Facilities, Equipment, and Other Resources” documentation, where they would fall under “Other Resources”.

    – Wout

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