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    Hi SBIRfan,

    It is true. SBIR funds are non-dilutive, meaning that it will not diminish any equity stakeholder’s percentage ownership of the company. After proposal submission, a 6-month waiting period till you get the award is very normal.

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    You will need biosketches for consultants. Here is the instruction and template from NIH:
    The facility and resource information is usually placed in an individual section, named as “Facilities and Resouces” and you will be able to upload this during submission.

    Regarding the leadership plan, here is an example for you from NIH:
    You will need to talk about roles/areas of responsibility of the PIs, including
    • Fiscal and management coordination
    • Process for making decisions on scientific direction and allocation of resources
    • Data sharing and communication among investigators
    • Publication and intellectual property (if needed) policies
    • Procedures for resolving conflicts

    Yes, you can work with such a company. They do not need to be US citizens. Permanent residents and people with legal working visas will be fine too.

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    Hua, consultants provide letters to show their commitments to the project. They are usually giving guidance and advice and usually do not perform the work. Each PD/PI must have a PD/PI role and a leadership plan is required.

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    To answer your questions:

    1. For NIH Phase I and Phase II SBIR projects, the contact PI/PD needs to spend at least 50% of the time in the small business at the time of award and during the conduct of the proposed project. Deviations from this requirement are rare and must be approved in writing by the grants management officer after consultation with the NIH SBIR/STTR Program Coordinator.
    For Phase I and Phase II STTR projects, the PD/PI is not required to be employed by the small business. However, the Contact PD/PI, the first PD/PI listed, must have a formal appointment with, or commitment to, the small business, which must be in the form of an official relationship between the parties, but need not include a salary or other form of remuneration. Each PD/PI on a multiple PD/PI award must commit a minimum of 1.2 calendar months (10% effort) to the project.
    There is no time effort requirement for consultants.

    2. When the small business cannot finish the proposed work by itself and need collaboration and intellectual input from other institutions, subawardee is usually needed. All subawards will need subaward PIs.

    3. Yes, you do need letters of support from consultants to show their commitment to the small business.

    Feel free to reach out again for additional questions!


    Phase I is the feasibility study, while phase II is the research and development stage to expand Phase I idea/prototype, moving towards commercialization.

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