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    Thanks Nitesh for your help.

    Follow up questions
    1. How are then companies paid for the fee (profit) part?
    2. Do you get reimbursed for the indirect cost also? For example, if we have monthly rent for the facility, do we submit an invoice for it every month to get reimbursed?


    Is there a budget template available (for example, an Excel template for me to input the costs)?

    Should I include a gantt chart in the Significance and Innovation section?



    For the Gantt chart, the best spot for that in your grant would be in either in your Approach section to help visualize your proposed work throughout the grant period, or with your conclusion at the end of your proposal.

    For budget, there is no Excel template available from NIH, but the R&R Budget Form section of the application guide has very clear guidelines on how to structure your budget and more information on each of the budget categories.



    How important is preliminary data in a Phase I grant? I know it isn’t required, but I’ve heard it is hard to get funded without any preliminary data.




    While it is indeed not required to have preliminary data available for a Phase I submission, it does greatly improve your chances of securing funding. Of course, this also varies with the type of innovation you are aiming to develop, and the feasibility of generating preliminary data for your specific innovation at this stage of development. At a minimum, you will want to have extensive literature support compiled or some proof of concept data available to support the underlying scientific premise of your innovation.

    Let us know if you have any other questions!



    Hello there –

    I have two questions regarding NIH SBIR:

    1. Does a fasttrack application considered an R43 or R44? I was looking for the guidance on payline and it appears that is 30 for R43 bu 10-40 for R44.

    2. There is a review meeting this week (6/29) and I was wondering if they would be able to post scores before Friday. I remember reading somewhere that they will post the scores within 3 business days. But I also suspect that it is likely a two day meeting and not a 1 day meeting.

    I appreciate your help.


    Hi Mike!

    1. Fast-track applications are reviewed with the Phase II grants, so I strongly suspect they are either incorporated into the Phase II data or excluded. I recommend checking in with your Program Officer about this once you get your summary statement.

    2. Most study sections are 2-day meetings. I wouldn’t count on anything before 3 business days, but you could check eRA Commons to see at least one business day after the meeting is over. I am personally waiting on a score from a study section that met 6/28-6/29 and it hasn’t been posted yet.



    Thanks Stacey! I appreciate your reply.

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