SAM.GOV: the master registration

You can register for free! Beware of scams trying to get you to pay for registration! You do not need to pay a company to register your or to “expedite” your registration. Scammers promise to speed up your registration, but this is not true.

  1. Gather all the information you’ll need before you get started!
  2. Create log-in for
    1. Save your password AND the Personal Key that is generated for you – you will need the personal key again.
    2. Steps:
      1. Enter email and confirm
      2. Create password
      3. Enter phone number and confirm – use a number at which you can get calls or text messages. cannot send security codes to extensions. You’ll get a unique code each time you sign into your account  (there are other options, but this is preferred).
      4. Enter security code.
      5. Save your personal key (set of 16 random characters).
      6. Enter the personal key and confirm.
  3. Click the “Create a User Account” button and set up your individual account.
  4. Click the “Register Entity” button.
    1. Take option to “Register New Entity”.
    2. Select type of entity.
    3. Select “I want to be able to bid on federal contracts or other procurement opportunities. I also want to be able to apply for grants, loans, and other financial assistance programs.”
    4. Fill in Core Data section.  
      1. Be sure to record your MPIN! You’ll need it again for
      2. Don’t worry if you don’t have a CAGE code – one will be assigned to you during the SAM process.
      3. Make sure everything matches with your EIN and DUNS registrations! Copy/paste from DUNS. It’s off by a space even, this will call the registration to be held-up for further review. This must be exact. If you are in an incubator space or a building with other business, expect to receive questions about your address. This will slow the registration process.
    5. Fill in Asserts section.
    6. Fill in Representations & Certifications section.
    7. Fill in Points of Contact section.
      1. Your EBiz POC (Electronic Business Point of Contact) will be contacted with questions during the SAM process, and will also be needed to set up the registrations.
      1. The EBiz POC will need to answer any questions promptly! Failure to respond to questions in a timely manner will result in your registration being rejected and having to start again.
    8. Select “Submit”.
    9. You will get a “Registration Submitted – Confirmation” message. If you do not see this message, you have not submitted your registration.
    10. You’ll receive an email from when the registration is active.
    11. Mail in an original, signed notarized letter to the Federal Service Desk within 30 days of activation.

This can be a lengthy process taking up to 8 weeks. START EARLY.

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