DUNS: the first step

Registration is free!

The DUNS number is required for SAM and registrations, and for all Federal proposal submissions. The DUNS is unique for each physical location of a business, so one business with multiple locations can have several DUNS numbers. In practice, only 1 DUNS number is needed for a grant application.

The DUNS number is easily obtained within 1-2 business days for free.

If you are within the US: register online. You can also call DUNS at 1-8666-705-5711.

If you are outside the US: register online.

You will need all of the information listed below to obtain a DUNS number:

  • Name of organization
  • Organization address
  • Name of the chief executive officer (CEO) or organization owner
  • Legal structure of the organization (e.g., corporation, partnership, proprietorship)
  • Year the organization started
  • Primary type of business
  • Total number of employees (full and part-time)
  • Tax Identification Number (TIN)/Employer Identification Number (EIN) [* note: non-US applicants do not need the TIN/EIN at the time they register for DUNS. However, these companies will have to get the TIN/EIN before they can do business with the government and receive grants/contracts.]

Note: The government will be transitioning away from DUNS by April 2022. For now, you still need the DUNS. After April 4, 2022, you will need a Unique Entity ID (UEI).

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