Upcoming 2020 Changes to SAM.gov

January 16, 2020

  • SAM.gov will migrate to https://beta.sam.gov sometime in the next 3-6 months. It is listed as currently “in progress”. At some point, the beta.sam.gov website may be renamed as sam.gov.
  • FedBizOpps has been integrated into beta.sam.gov.
  • You will log in to beta.sam.gov via login.gov in a process very similar to the current sam.gov login. You will need to create a new beta.sam.gov account. Write down your old passwords now and check to make sure everything’s correct. To link beta.sam.gov to your existing login.gov account:
    • Go to login.gov sign in on the beta.sam.gov toolbar
    • Enter your email address and password for login.gov
    • You will receive an email to associate the two accounts
    • Complete your beta.sam.gov profile
  • Your company’s entity data WILL migrate to beta.sam.gov. The only thing that needs to be set up again is the log-in.
  • DUNS codes will be going away and will be replaced with 12-character Unique Entity IDs. These identifiers will be requested in and assigned by SAM. This change will be in late 2020. The new process will look like:
    • Register with IRS
    • Go to sam.gov or beta.sam.gov.
    • Request Unique Entity ID from SAM before starting entity registration
    • Ernst & Young confirms entity uniqueness
    • After receiving Unique Entity ID, continue with SAM registration
  • For companies already registered in SAM: SAM will automatically assign you a new Unique Entity ID. You can find this in your SAM.gov registration information.

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